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Voting closes May 23!

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  • What inspired your design? And how does it fit the criteria?

    This t-shirt design captures the vibrant essence of Orlando, Florida, and the ethos of APCO International and emergency communications. By incorporating the collective impressions evoked by Orlando, alongside imagery symbolizing emergency responders and communication tools, it embodies a fusion of ideas. Inspired by Orlando’s radiant sunshine and the warmth of Florida, the design honors APCO International’s crucial role in advancing public safety communications. It serves as a tribute to the organization’s efforts in nurturing connections and enabling swift responses during crises. This design stands as a proud symbol of the unwavering commitment and solidarity shared by those devoted to safeguarding communities and improving emergency communication infrastructures.

  • What inspired your design? And how does it fit the criteria?
    When I think of Orlando, I always think of the sun shining and all the fun activities the city has to offer. For this design I went with a basic skyline of buildings with a nod to the magical kingdom. This design also incorporates the classic headset of a telecommunications employee and the lifeline we provide.

  • What inspired your design? And how does it fit the criteria?

    My submission for the event’s t-shirt features the iconic Florida orange, representing the host city of Orlando. Inside the orange, I’ve incorporated a 911 dispatch symbol, a tribute to the vital work of public safety telecommunicators. Lastly, I wanted to keep the colors bright and sunny, much like Florida, to reflect the celebratory nature of the event that brings the best in the industry together to collaborate.

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