Professional Development

Professional Development Tracks for APCO 2024

Communications Center Management
Sessions will enable managers to create a powerful impact on their employees and their agency by focusing on issues directly related to operating a communications center and mentoring.
Cutting Edge Developments 
Cultivated by APCO staff, these sessions will cover the most relevant and impactful developments in public safety communications including perspectives from senior policy-makers from the federal government and leaders in our rapidly evolving industry.
Cybersecurity for Public Safety Communications
Cybersecurity is an existing and rapidly evolving threat to ECCs and public safety communications networks. This track will cover multiple aspects of cybersecurity, such as training and cyber “etiquette;” available resources; and tips for preparing for, preventing, preventing, mitigating, and recovering from cyber threats and attacks.
Emergency Preparedness, Response & Situational Awareness
The sessions within this track are designed to address the operational planning needed to prepare communication centers and first responders for an unexpected and expanding emergency event. Discussions include operational responses to major events.
FirstNet: Transforming the Future of Emergency Communications
Cultivated by the leaders from the FirstNet Authority, the public safety community and industry come together to discuss how advancements in public safety broadband are transforming emergency communications and helping protect communities nationwide.
Frontline Telecommunicator
These sessions will focus on subjects that are relevant to Frontline Telecommunicators including procedures related to answering 9-1-1 calls, dispatching public safety units; and physical/emotional health and wellness.
Leadership Development
The sessions within this track will focus on developing leadership skills that every successful person needs to possess, both operationally and technically. Participants will learn the tools and techniques to enhance their personal performance and become a great leader.
NG9-1-1 and Emerging Technologies
The sessions in this track will cover how next generation, broadband and other new technologies will impact 9-1-1 operations and emergency response.
Radio and Wireless Communications Technologies
This track is dedicated to current and future trends in land mobile radio, wireless and broadband networks and devices, as well as spectrum management and licensing issues.
Wellness in the Emergency Communications Center
Health and wellness is both a mental and a physical game. It is important to have healthy telecommunicators that have the awareness and the right tools to live well throughout their career, both on and off the job. This track will cover topics such as creating a wellness program and mental philosophy of the importance of taking care of “you”! Sessions will go into depth on how to incorporate easily maintainable strategies and a positive outlook for the wellness in the workplace. Other topics could include: reducing your liability and turnover due to improved morale as well as the positive and negative effects of health and wellness on the individual, agency and overall performance.