New Products Zone

Visit this special showcase and discover products launched after September 2023 by APCO 2024 exhibitors.

Live Audio Translation

Booth #NPZ1

Break language barriers for faster response times! Carbyne Translation uses AI to instantly detect languages, allowing call-takers to communicate with non-English speakers. It offers up to 70% faster translations. Benefits include automatic language identification, real-time audio translation for callers, visual translation for call-takers, and support for Text-2-911 and instant messaging translations.


Booth #NPZ2

Comtech’s SmartAssist™ is a conversational AI chatbot solution developed to answer repetitive, low priority non-emergency calls without engaging a telecommunicator, thereby freeing up your call takers to focus on 9-1-1 requests for emergency services.

Starkey S130 Combo Custom Headset and Flex Custom Earmold Combination

Booth #NPZ3

The Starkey S130 Custom Headset Combination includes the Flex Custom Earmold, which is precisely fitted to your ear. This custom headset is super lightweight and offers superior comfort with a Starkey Quick Disconnect (QD). It relieves ear fatigue and safeguards your hearing while still providing superb sound quality.

TW SHADOW 750 Radio

Booth #NPZ4

The NEW TrellisWare TW Shadow 750 radio expands its family of radios with a highly integrated handheld solution to address mission-critical communications challenges, putting MANET capability directly in the users’ hands for simplified operation. The radio can operate in blue or black sky environments and provides mission-critical voice, data service, and PLI, all at a competitive price point without sacrificing performance.

Note: “New” is defined as having been released or substantially revised between September 2023 and August 2024